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Welfare Policy and Inequality in Norway


Background: The PhD project has the working title ‘welfare policy and inequality in Norway’ and focus on contemporary Norwegian social policy. The project aims to investigate and explain differences in welfare reception in Norway. It is supervised by Roberto Iacono and Marko Valenta at the Department of Social Work, NTNU.

The main aim of the project is to understand the effect of structural factors (e.g., qualification rules or local practices) on differences in reception of welfare benefits within and between groups and individuals. Improved knowledge on this topic will contribute to strengthen our understanding of both old and new policies, and how they can affect social work practices, as well as other social outcomes

The project seeks to explains inequalities, drawing on theoretical perspectives from both Political Science, Sociology and Economics. Examples of these perspectives are, precariousness, social stratification, insider- outsider problems, and economic incentives.

Data and methods: Using high quality Norwegian administrative data, combined with a wide range of econometric methods, the project mainly analyses differences in reception and participation in both passive- and active- labour market policies on full populations and samples.


Smedsvik, Bård; Iacono, Roberto; D’Agostino, Antonella. (2022) Immigration and social assistance: Evidence from the Norwegian welfare state. Social Policy & Administration. vol. 56 (4).


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