NORWEL PhD Course in Trondheim

Miniatyrbilde for NORWEL PhD Course in Trondheim

22nd-24th of April a very nice mix of people from different universities and countries met at NTNU in Trondheim. They all shared an interest in child welfare inequality research. The course has a background in child welfare and inequality research being carried out in Norway and England, and has been a collaboration between NTNU, Kingston University in London, Royal Holloway University of London and University of Liverpool.

The pop-up PhD course, titled “Studying inequality, power and social justice in social work and child welfare” addressed questions like: What is inequality? How can normative, relational, systemic and scientific complexities in research be adressed? How can inequality, power and social justice be understood and conceptualized? The course also examined ethical challenges associated with researching inequality in the fields of social work and child welfare.

Some of the important messages from the course were the necessity of researching lived experiences of child welfare inequalities and the responsibility of researchers to giving poverty a voice.