Åpen digital forelesning: Writing and re-writing scientific papers for journals

18. januar 2024


- 11:00


The two main outcomes of the decision process following submission of a manuscript to a journal are: 1) the journal rejects your manuscript; or 2) the journal shows an interest provided that you adequately deal with the comments of the reviewers (major or minor revision). But how do you deal with these comments in a professional way? This is the challenge. Rejection rates can be high, especially for high-profile journals. You always need to be aware that your resubmitted and revised manuscript may still be rejected. Tony will take you through what he has learned as an Editor-in-Chief of international multidisciplinary journals and how to cope with both success and rejection. 

BIO: Professor II Tony Ghaye, Department of Child Welfare and Social Work, is a community-based activist and an advocate for sustainable action for positive social change. He works inside communities and from the lived experiences of those he works with. He also has a foot in the ‘university academy’ which offers him a different platform from which to try to build better lives and livelihoods for the underserved, marginalized and silenced, mainly in East Africa. He has written 16 academic books and 143 scientific papers, plus taught in some of the world’s leading innovative universities, all of which reflect his twin interests of strengthening people, families and communities through (a) the new psychology of mattering (b) the research on kindness. He is a positive psychologist who focuses on what we can do to enable people to have what they want more of in their lives, rather than less of and on what people can do, rather than what they can’t do! 

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