NORWEL, the first Norwegian research school in social work and child welfare

NORWEL opened autumn 2022, and has already become a significant force in supporting junior researchers in social work.

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What does NORWEL want?

NORWEL wants to support PhD students in developing research with high relevance for policy and practice in social work and child welfare. The various learning activities and networking opportunities offered by NORWEL provide a solid basis for a career in academia or in another position where a high level of competence is required.

UiT and NTNU host NORWEL

From 2023-2026, the Department of Child Welfare and Social Work at UiT Norway’s Arctic University will host NORWEL.

From 2026-2030, the Department of Social Work at NTNU will take over the hosting.

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Cooperation nationally and internationally

In NORWEL, there is close collaboration between user organizations, national and international research groups as well as national and local authorities.

Partners in the graduate school NORWEL

  • Velferdsalliansen
  • NAV Sør-Troms
  • NAV Troms og Finnmark
  • AV-dir.
  • Bufdir
  • Trondheim kommune
  • Statsforvalteren