NORWEL Symposium 2024 – Ethics in Social Work and Child Welfare Research

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Welcome to the second NORWEL symposium 28th to 29th November 2024. It is with great pleasure for the Department of Social Work, NTNU to host the symposium in Trondheim, Norway. The symposium is open for everyone interested in research ethics in the fields of social work and child welfare, and NORWEL PhD students are especially encouraged to contribute to the workshops.

During the two-day symposium, the following activities will take place:

– Plenary key notes and discussions

– Thematic workshops on the predefined symposium topic, to be moderated by the NORWEL team, in cooperation with plenary speakers

– Networking and joint dinner

About the symposium topic

Doing research ethically is never a straightforward process, and especially not in fields who are highly normative and value based, such as those of social work and child welfare. Often research within these fields may involve participation from marginalized and vulnerable groups. Researching social problems requires sensitivity to how structural policies frame the lives of the individual, and to how modern welfare systems are both complex and often fragmented structures. Acknowledging and understanding the ethical dilemmas that are inherent in the entire research process in social work and child welfare is important to raise the integrity of research, and to protect and promote justice and well-being of the human beings who are subject to the research

Day 1 Plenary keynotes – confirmed speakers

Sarah Banks, Professor, the Department of Sociology, Durham University

Vidar Enebakk, commitee member,The National Research Ethics Committees

Shimron Mohd, counsellor, LFB – Landsforeningen for barnvernsbarn

Vishanthie Sewpaul, Professor emerita – University of KwaZulu-Natal

Marit Hovdal, prosjektleder Universitetskommunen 3.0

Hilde Marie Thrana, professor, the Department of Social Work, NTNU

Day 2 Workshops – Ethical considerations in social work and child welfare research

We invite NORWEL PhD candidates to contribute to the workshops on day 2. Workshops will address a broad range of topics related to research ethics in social work and child welfare. Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Procedural ethics or day-to-day ethics in deciding what to research, how to design and/or conduct research in social work and child welfare
  • Ethical dilemmas in different types of research studies, for instance in practice based – or action research
  • Research with marginalised or vulnerable groups, such as young children, families in child welfare, minorities and more
  • Ethical dilemmas in disseminating findings.

If you are a NORWEL student and want to contribute to the workshop, please submit a title and an abstract of max. 200 words, using the same link as for the registration for the symposium.

We hope to see you in Trondheim in November!


Registration link

Deadline for submitting an abstract to the workshop: 1st of October 2024

Deadline for registration for the symposium: 15th of October 2024