Activities, networks and arenas


We offer five ph.d.-courses. See overview


We know how important a solid professional network is for good research. We also know how difficult it can be for new researchers to build such a network! In NORWEL, you participate in several activities that help you build solid and lasting professional networks for your career.

Colloquium group

As a student in NORWEL, you become part of an online colloquium group where you get to know other PhD students from different parts of the country and in different phases of their PhD courses. How often and with what agenda you meet is up to the participants. Each group is also assigned a senior researcher who is available when the group needs it.


NORWEL symposia are our arena of collaboration between PhD students, frontline workers and leaders in the social services, senior researchers and representatives from user organizations.

NORWEL Symposia serve two purposes. Day one has a guiding topic relevant for our PhD-students and others with an interest in researcher education in social work and child welfare. On day one, leading researchers, representatives from different practice fields, user organizations and PhD students will present lectures, with ample opportunity for discussions.

Day two is workshop based. Workshops are organized according to the projects of our PhD-students, and with an invitation to everybody interested in contributing to help our students in tailoring their studies with the needs of the practice fields in mind.

Symposia are arranged in connection with one of the five PhD courses to reduce the need for flights and thus, the burden on the environment. Travel costs for participation in courses and symposia are covered by the school.


Knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) -workshops are based on the idea that successful knowledge transfer needs two ways communication and genuine cooperation between users, frontline workers, policy makers and researchers. KTE-workshops were developed as a tool to increase the transferability of research results to different stakeholders, and to identify topics and issues that are relevant to practice and policy.

In NORWEL, KTE-workshops are a forum for communicating preliminary research results to practitioners, policy makers and users, and to obtain feedback on the validity and practice relevance of results. Furthermore, KTE workshops are a forum for career planning after completing a doctoral degree. NORWEL KTE-workshops are the place to identify topics for future research and to develop research questions, based on the needs of the practice fields and user perspectives. Thus, NORWEL KTE-workshops have an innovative synergy impact on increasing research capacity in our fields, based solidly on the needs in social work and child welfare practice and user perspectives.

To give as many of our collaborators from practice fields, user-organizations, and our international partners as possible the opportunity to participate, NORWEL KTE-workshops are organized as video conferences. As a PhD-student in NORWEL, we expect you to participate actively in these workshops.